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 Cable Rack Insulators


Cable Rack Insulators


Application:  Insulator for a variety of cable racks.

Features:  This polymer cable rack insulator is the first of several soon to be available from Enerscan.  This common size is identical in shape to insulators offered by several industry leaders.  This polymer equivalent is unbreakable in comparison to porcelain and it weighs a fraction as much.  A groove is provided in the bottom to allow the use of a cable tie or other fastener to secure the cable without interfering with the positioning of the insulator on the rack.

Specifications:  Dielectric strength is comparable to that of insulators when they are new and without any chips or cracks.  This polymer will never chip or crack.

Product number 3002 has identical dimensions as AB CHANCE part No. C203-1120 and Cooper part No. KE17U1.  Product number 3003 has the same dimensions as Cooper part No. DE11U1 and includes an undercut to allow the insulator to slide on a rack.

Catalog Number
"A" Cable
Saddle Width
"B" Cable Rack Groove Width
3002 3" 1-9/16"
3003 3" 1-9/16"
3006 3-1/2" 2-11/16"
Other sizes and shapes available.



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