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 Multiplex Spreader and Multiplex Spreader Bracket

Application:  For use as a spacer for triplex and quadruplex. As a Stand off spreader bracket it can be used for service take-offs.

Fabrication:  Made from strong, rigid, UV stabilized, non-conducting high density polyethylene. As a stand off bracket the spreader is mounted on a standard 5/8" stand off bolt either 10" or 12" long. The bolt includes a square washer and eye nut, and a collar to separate the spacer from the pole.

Features:  Simple and quick installation. Contains some recycled plastic: is environmentally conscious.

Note:  See also Enerscan's Standoff Multiplex Spreader and Triplex Spreaders.

Bolt Length Item
2900 N/A Spreader
2910 10" Spreader Bracket
2912 12" Spreader Bracket
2913 14" Spreader Bracket


Multiplex Spreader & Spreader Bracket

Includes Recycled Plastics





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