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 Service Wireholders


Service Wireholders


Note:  This product was designed and is manufactured by Enerscan for AB CHANCE Company (part of the Hubbell Group).  AB CHANCE distributes this product throughout North America and overseas.

Application:  This product replaces any service spool insulator and clevis combination or porcelain service anchor.

  This patented (or patent pending) product is fabricated from fiberglass reinforced nylon with a high quality hot dip galvanized lag screw embedded in the injection moulded holder.

  The SERVICE WIREHOLDER can be nailed into any pole or other wood or can be started with a hammer and drawn in with a screwdriver through the hole or with a wrench or power tool using the hex head.  The SERVICE WIREHOLDER is less expensive than any porcelain and steel spool insulator and clevis alternative, and is virtually unbreakable.   Available with a variety of lag screw and machine bolt lengths.

96003 Lag Screw
96004 Machine Bolt
96005 Service Mast Assembly (small)
96006 Service Mast Assembly (large)



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