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 Polymer Spool Insulators

Application:  These polymer spool insulators are suitable replacements for any porcelain 53-1 and 53-2 insulators.

Features:  Made from polymers specially blended for the high compressive strength required for this application.  UV stable, non-conductive and almost unbreakable, these insulators are a far superior choice to any porcelain equivalent.  Installation identical to that for any porcelain equivalent.

Test Data

Test successfully for both mechanical and electrical performance and capabilities.  Standards call for >25,000 volts dry flashover and 15,000 volts wet flashover, both of which were achieved during testing at the AB Chance / Hubbell testing lab.  Mechanical standards require the insulator to withstand 3000lb tension when installed in a clevis.  At over 5000lbs the clevis failed but the insulator remained completely intact and no damage was visible.  Longer term testing provided similar results.

53-1, 53-2 Polymer Spool Insulators
53-1 & 53-2 Polymer Spool Insulators

Note:  53-2 insulators available exclusively through Hubbell Power Systems

Catalog Number Design
C9091032P 53-2 design
C9091031P 53-1 design



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