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 Standoff Mulitiplex Spreader & Standoff Spreader Bracket

  This product is a logical modification of Enerscan's Multiplex Spreader.  The extension allows the installer to use an inexpensive machine bolt or double arming bolt instead of a double shoulder spool bolt.  The patented (or patent pending) shape also eliminates the need for the angle bracket used to hold the neutral wire in place.  This same hook in the block makes it a useful tool for untwisting triplex or 4-plex.

Note:  See also Enerscan's Multiplex Spreader and Triplex Spreaders.

Catalog Number Bolt Length Item
2920 N/A Spreader
2924 14" Spreader Bracket
2926 16" Spreader Bracket
2928 18" Spreader Bracket
2930 20" Spreader Bracket
Note:  Please consult Enerscan's knowledgeable staff to ensure selection of proper bolt length.

Standoff Multiplex Spreader & Spreader Bracket

Includes Recycled Plastics




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